Town of Betterton 

Jewel of the Chesapeake    

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   Town of Betterton

100 Main Street, P.O. Box 339
Betterton, Maryland  21610
Telephone: (410) 348-5522   Fax:  (410)348-5131


Population: 354 (2007 estimate)

From Chestertown take MD-213 north to MD-297[Worton Road] turn left; continue to MD-298 [Lambs Meadow Road]
turn right; continue to MD-292 [Still Pond Road] turn left; follow to Betterton.

From Galena take MD-213 [Augustine Herman Hwy] south to MD-298 [Lambs Meadow Road]
turn right; continue to MD-566 [Still Pond Road] turn right; follow to Betterton.

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